Depresión Intermedia

Sound Geography

One of the first things you will notice about Chile is its elongated shape and its rugged terrain. Together with the mountain range, the "Intermediate Depression" is the topological structure that runs through much of the country and where most of its inhabitants live.

This led Vicente Espinoza and me to the idea of ​​exploring the territory from a musical logic, of going through it in time, from north to south in a sequence. This logical-aesthetic translation exercise led us to manufacture a speculative musical instrument, develop a web application and compose a musical piece.

The translation system, developed in Max / Msp, divides the territory into segments based on the parallels that cross it. A topographic profile is extracted from each segment, to then link the geographical altitudes of each one with the specific height or musical pitch, generating a musical chord.

The musical instrument was exhibited at Espacio Fundación Telefonica and the Museum of Fine Arts for the 11th Biennial of Media Arts in Chile.

Sound Experimental Object design
Creative Direction
Alfredo Duarte & Vicente Espinoza
Alfredo Duarte
Photo & Video
Felipe Aguilera
Project image
Project image
Project image
In addition to the installation, a site as developed to experience the project rom smartphones.
Project image
Project image
Part of the coding process made in Max/Msp