Collaborative Field Guide to Butterflies in Chile

Chile is a very particular country, an island within its own continent. Chilean butterflies have developed skills and characteristics that allow them to survive the conditions of the different areas of the country. Although we do not have a large number of species, a little more than 25% are endemic, that is, they do not live anywhere else in the world.

Micra is a collective education project, which through different platforms aims to empower the role of citizens in the construction of new content around the butterflies of Chile.

With butterflies as the protagonist, the structure of their wings is used to represent both the diversity of species and the knowledge generated by the platform's user networks. At the same time, this abstract shape works perfectly as an app avatar and as the main element of the logo in its simplified form.

The application has two main functions, the first is to register and identify different species in a public feed. The second is to bring the user closer to the information and images of the species, their habitat and behavior.


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María de los Ángeles Medina
Alfredo Duarte
Juan Pablo Arias
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The avatar can resemble different types of chilean butterflies
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