Entel 5G

A leap into the future

Colourful, fluid and always on the move. This is the world we created for Entel's -one of the largest telecommunication company in Chile- branded content special publication called "5G: A Leap into the future". Autonomous cars, talking refrigerators, dog-walking drones and concerts in the metaverse are a reality that is getting closer every day. How did we get here?  what will it be like to live in an always connected world? 

In 2020 we tried to answer these and other questions with humor, hope and care, but ironically the pandemic arrived and the launch of this project was postponed in part due to conspiracy theories that 5G caused covid 😅. Finally after two years I can share it with you! Enjoy!

Motion Ux/Ui Illustration
Creative Direction
Vero Calder
Ignacio Bazán
Axel Christiansen
Art Direction / Illustration
Alfredo Duarte
Design / Motion
Patti Holmqvist, Valentina Marmié, Manuel Droggett, Seba Sánchez
Alex Acuña
Project image
Project image