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Neguén is an invitation to discover the web of life of which we are part, encouraging users to observe, recognize and link the species with which we live. Collective intelligence to reconnect with nature.

Do you recognize the birds in your square? Have you seen where the sparrows nest? Have you ever wondered who pollinates flowers in the fall? These are the questions that Neguén invites us to answer, combining art, design and technology to generate a collaborative learning experience and a reconnection with nature within the city.

Neguén honors the Mapuche worldview, the largest indigenous people living in Chile and the region. For the Mapuche people, the Ngen are guardian spirits called to safeguard and preserve the balance of nature.

When we open the application we see a map, to which Neguén invites us to add species records and begin to build relationships between them. With each new record, the search opens to its relationships with other users' species.

To create a new record, the user is guided through an illustration log that helps identify key aspects of the species. After adding a photo and location of the sighting, the application suggests species to link with to unlock more content about the relationship between those species.

Neguén seeks to bring together amateurs, specialists and NGOs so that everyone can participate in the generation of new content that helps to conserve local ecosystems.

Reconstructing our bond with nature, even from a cell phone, helps to build common imaginaries, to understand and value the living beings that surround us and therefore to care for them.

App Ux/Ui Urban Ecology
Neguén NGO
Project Management
María de los Ángeles Medina
Alfredo Duarte
Juan Pablo Arias
Scientific content
Francisca Boher, Nicolás Lagos, Benito Rosende.
María de los Ángeles Medina, Andrés Jullian, Andrea Ugarte, Alejandra López, Alonso Salazar, Rodrigo Verdugo, FEW ilustración, Magdalena Perez de Arce, Geraldine Mackinnon, Francisco Ramos.